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Water supply Sheme to Qurayat 


Tender No.                    : 228/2008

Contract Value            : 1,090,000.000
Client                             : Public Authority for Electricity and Water
Consultant                    : Mott MacDonlad & Company LLC

Main Contractor           : Target LLC


Our Scope:


  1. Main Forwarding pumps complete with electrical. Motors inclding hyadulic calculations like duty point NPSH calculation pump and  motor selection etc..
  2. Fire Fighting Pumps and related piping works
  3. Domestic water pumps  and related pipe works
  4. Sump Pumps
  5. Water hammer protection vessels/system including Surge analysis study , for pressure vessels and pipeline, main vessels with cat ladder , pipe fitting ,valves, air compressors with air piping , level indicators, level switches, Safety valves control panel cables, etc…
  6. Pump Houses Piping and valves up to end of wall pieces or 1 meter out of the building wall of each pump house including pipe fitting with gaskets, bolts , and any required jointing material and pipe supports.