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  • Various Agricultural Services
  • Export and Import offices
  • Building and construction contract (general construction of residential and non residential building)
  • Retail of Petroleum industries equipment
  • Services incidental to extraction of petroleum and natural gas excluding surveying.
  • Garden installation and maintenance, landscape planning and design activities
  • Electrical installation works and installation of alarm system
  • Renting of pleasure – craft and sports equipment
  • Sale and fixing of artificial grass


  • Chemicals
  • Tubing and well casing
  • Duplex pipes
  • End Closures for pipelines
  • Prefabricated pipe spools
  • Chillers for gas fields

(All companies and products must be approved by Shell Holland)



  • Yahata Japan
  • Siekman GMbH
  • Wilhelm Geldbach GmbH

Contract Details:
Key Person     :    Yousuf Al-Harthy
Position           :    Managing Director
Address           :    PO BoX 222, Al Harthy Complex 118 Sultanate of Oman
Tel No.              :   (+968) 24561977
Fax No.             :   (+968) 24562469