Mazoun Establishment For General Trading and Contracting (MEFGTC)

Health, Safety and Protection Policies



MEFGTC shall conduct its activities in a manner which:

  • Protects the health and safety of its employees and all others that may be affected by its activities;
  • Protects the environment, encourages recycling, minimises waste and pollution and seeks to reduce the consumption of unsustainable natural resources.


To achieve this,  MEFGTC  shall:

  • Deliver compliance with the applicable Laws, Decrees and Statutes of the Sultanate of Oman and respect its citizens, culture and customs;
  • Deliver compliance with the HSE regulations, standards and procedures that are defined within the Contracts and the integral Conditions;
  • Where appropriate, seek to apply higher standards in order to achieve parity with best practice developments within the industry.


MEFGTC  will pursue the objectives and spirit of this policy through:

  • Visible and proactive management commitment;
  • Commitment, involvement and co-operation of all employees and subcontractors;
  • Effective training, motivation and communication programmes;
  • The maintenance of realistic, measurable and progressive HSE targets and objectives.


In pursuing the objectives and spirit of this policy MEFGTC  shall be guided by the following corporate beliefs:

  • That success in the management of health, safety and environmental protection is a prime business objective that is equally as important as other prime business objectives;
  • That accidents, incidents, injuries and environmental disturbance are unacceptable and preventable;
  • That everyone shares the responsibility for their own health and safety, and the health and safety of their colleagues at work;
  • That health, safety and environmental protection are line management responsibilities;
  • That all necessary HSE arrangements must be in place, before work is started, and that work shall be stopped if the HSE arrangements cannot be maintained.


                                      Managing Director                                                                                             Date  29TH   JUNE   2010




MEFGTC firmly believes that smoking is injurious to health and will take control measures to discourage its employees from smoking.

  • In general, no smoking shall be allowed in its offices, toilets, conference
  • room, work sites and places of residence.
  • No smoking shall be allowed in its fleet of vehicles / equipment.


This shall be achieved through:

  • Determining population of smokers and developing programmes to educate   smokers to quit smoking.
  • Organizing mass campaign against smoking and displaying “No Smoking” signs at appropriate places.

However, as a transitional arrangement, special areas for smoking shall
be assigned in camps and offices where alone smoking may be permitted




                          General Manager                                                                                              Date  30TH   JUNE   2010



It is  MEFGTC established policy to protect the environment of the Sultanate of Oman from impact of waste emissions by ensuring that Waste Management forms an integral part of our business objectives.


That waste prevention is practiced at all times through:


  •   Eliminating waste at source through good design and operating Practices keeping an international standard;
  •    Recycling, re-use of waste where possible;
  •      Replacing harmful substances with alternative substance;
  •      Disposal through approved contractors;
  •      Recording all waste details;
  •      Educating staff through continuous training and discussions at HSE Meetings.


                                    General Manager                                                                                              Date  30TH   JUNE   2010



MEFGTC  is guided by the principle of accident pyramid and shall:

  • Encourage all its employees to report Near misses and HSE violations so as to invite attention of all concerned.
  • Motivate those reporting Near misses and HSE violations so that everyone can contribute for the safety of the community.


This shall be achieved by recognizing and rewarding those who report the most serious violations.




                                    General Manager                                                                                              Date  29TH   JUNE   2010



MEFGTC   shall :


Provide appropriate counter measures in order to prevent impairing health and working standards of employees due to consumption of Alcohol, Narcotics and Drugs by:

  • Prohibiting consumption of Alcohols, Drugs and narcotics in the working places.
  • Prohibiting unauthorized and illegal possession and / or sale of drugs, alcohols and narcotics in work places and residential accommodation.

This shall be achieved through:

  • Education and mass campaign on hazards of consumption of intoxicants;
  • Stringent disciplinary measures against violators.



                                     General Manager                                                                                              Date  30TH   JUNE   2010