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Haya Water is Oman Wastewater Services Company's brand name. It is fresh, short and green. Haya in Arabic is a three letter word “حيــــا” and it is the root for the Arabic word Hayat or life. Haya is also used to refer to the grass that comes out after the rains in the desert. At Haya, they bring life to the waste water that they treat and they produce water that brings life to the soil helping make Muscat ever greener....



  • The Oman Wastewater Services Company SAOC was established in accordance to the Commercial Companies Law in the Sultanate of Oman in December 2002 with an initial shareholder capital of RO 20 million. The company has been incorporated as a joint stock company owned by the Government of the Sultanate of Oman.
  • The Corporate Office of the company is located in Al Khuwair, Muscat.
  • The Company's Board comprises of six members, each of whom represent the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Regional Municipalities, Environment and Water Resources, Muscat Municipality and a representative of private sector.
  • The company is made up of five Departments - Finance, Projects, Operation and Maintenance, Human Resources and Public Relations and Customer Services.


The Company Works

  • Oman Wastewater Services Company is engaged in building and operating a world class wastewater system in the Governate of Muscat. It performs a variety of functions to fulfill its mission: 

  • Planning, designing and implementing all systems and processes needed to operate and maintain a wastewater system that conforms to the highest global standards.

  • Preparing and recommending rules and regulations that would enable it to effectively fulfill its objectives.

  • Marketing the treated water and by-products.

  • Collecting the dues for the services offered.