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Mazoun Group's vision is to be recognized as the market leader which provides sustainable and environmentally safe products, providing added value services to a large segment of the market. Through constant innovation and strong commitment to growth, Mazoun group will continue to advance as the core company that will serve a major catalyst of progress in the advancement of the country through varying contribution in the different fields of business.

The Mazoun Group operates in accordance with the highest ethical standards which focus on excellence on consumer service, fair and honest trade with suppliers, a strong adherence with environmental policies and with a firm commitment to the betterment of the community.


  1. MEMCO:  Mazoun Electro Mechanical Company has been successful in obtaining and executing major projects for the Public Authority of Electricity and Water and with a full order book is looking forward to grow into a full fledged total facilities management company introducing cutting edge technologies in various fields. (Mr.  Mohamed Ismael to include the type of work ie., SCADA, pumps, water meters, etc

  2. MAZOUN TRADING AND CONTRACTING:  Mazoun Trading and Contracting (MTC) was established in early 1970's and is now one of the major players in the multi-product line and services.  MTC is one of the pioneers and founders of major industries and services in the Sultanate of Oman and has interests in many of the national, industrial and financial institutions.

  3. MAZOUN SIGNS: Manufacturing, supply and installation of commercial and traffic signs and road equipment.

  4. ARAB HOUSE FOR ADVERTISING:  The Arab House for Advertising has been in existence since 1991 and has been in the forefront of launching innovative concepts like Triads and Promotarget and is one of the leading advertising houses in the Sultanate of Oman grown organically and caters to a vast market segment.

  5. TECHNICAL ELECTRIC COMPANY:  provides , installation, operation and maintenance services (O&M)of lifts and eslcalators and has been successful in completing various projects as a main contractor as well as a subcontractor with a highly trained, motivated and enthusiastic technical staff.

  6. REALESTATE:  Having established the Mazoun Complex in Ruwi Souq – a landmark - and the extension having been completed in 2005, the Mazoun Group has been active in the realestate sector.   The other major landmark in Watteyah being Rumaila 106 – a commercial building with valued clients.  Proposals are under way to identify other opportunities in this ever growing sector.

  7. NATIONAL PROJECTS COMPANY:  Has been in the forefront of setting up successful enterprises in engineering sector including manufacture of pumps and related electrical control systems.  It has been the pioneer in introducing and implementing various GIS projects and is poised to establish newer industries in innovative technologies